Episode 2012-01-06: Two Thousand and Twelve

Episode 2012-01-06: Two Thousand and Twelve by MoleHoleRadio

  • The gang drinks Cherry Jerry’s for 3 hours.
    • Your welcome or we’re sorry.
  • International correspondent, Bruno
    • amazed at the percentage of the show dedicated to bitching about stuff we hate. Welcome to Molehole, Bruno!
  • Coming in 2012:
    • MoleHole Bluetooth headset: Ear Diddler 3000
  • Goggs is dying: “Rome has fallen”
  • Men’s Fashion Accessories: Urinal Leg bags.
  • Bruno – New Years resolutions. “Fuck that”
  • Vinny – more NDAA talk. Ron Paul this and Ron Paul that. Also, Shiny stuff.
  • Election 2012: A hot, sloppy, unfortunate mess.
  • History of the MoleHole
  • Topo’s new Tattoos:
    • Wants to know the negatives of getting a neck tattoo.
    • Be sure to voice your opinions here, on our Google+ page or Facebook!
  • How to (or not to in Goggs/Bruno’s case) test Steak doneness.
  • At least your not on fire.
  • Movie title cards. Shorten it up, bitches.
  • Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
    •  Swedish vs American plus other stuff.
  • Topo’s new movie rating system
  • Southern Goggs from the Future lets us in on what’s going to happen in 2012.
  • Listener Questions:
    • Tennis Shoes in the 90s – GLX
    • Your first online multi player experience – GLX
    • Who’s hotter: Alison Brie vs. Olivia Wilde – GLX
  • Topo’s Online Masturbatory Journey: Part two
  • Brazilian porn’s “nasty twist”.
  • What next old school game should get remade?
  • PC gaming vs console gaming. Vinny and Topo go nuclear.

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