episode:12-11-14 DANCE = SEX

in this episode El topo continues rambles on about Drake ! and something about lady gaga

a little about online dating,art

all kinds of amazing topics and insites amazing insites in fact that you can only get from the mind a smelly dweeb




Music is Jamba by Tyler the Creator



black-moses-t-shirt-vintage-t-shirt-review-cotton-factory-cotton-factory-1we here at Molehole radio are excited to anncoune a new addtion to the molehole radio network (that’s right we’re a network now !). The show is call Mr. Fixits and the objective of the show is to fix all that is wrong with the world a lofty goal for sure but with TJ and Shauun at the helm we’re sure they figure something out !

in the first Exciting episode the boys  discuss racism,sexism and general bigorty found in nerd culture

enjoy !


Episode 2014-12-03: The Return of the Molehole Radio Returns


Don’t call it a comeback, cuz to be a comeback someone would have to care ..

El topo is back to talk about the fun filled shenanigans that have transpired since our last show (I believe  the Berlin wall was still up ). He’ll also get into dark scary corners of Reddit and OKcupid, talk a little star wars and video games and generally has a rip roaring good time.

Won’t you join him in the pure wonderment of it all ?

Also Topo’s instagram is ELTOPOXL



intro/outro music by Lunchguns and Topo

Episode 2012-08-21: Chalupus

The gang talks about everything and nothing within a vacuum of time and space. This episode is truly … prolific?


Episode 2012-07-20: Right On Time

Three days later … that’s practically ‘real time’ in the world of I’M NOT GETTING PAID FOR THIS. Listen up, sheeple.