Throw back Thursday episode ! : The music of heads in a oven

Shit yes.

Shit yes 

it’s Thursday so let’s dive deep into the Molehole Archives and listen to the greatest music force in the history of music Heads in the oven. Your ears will wish they were eyes!

marvel at such hits as

Take the shaman and Cowboyeee ninja



MR.Fixits’ Summer of movies !: Daredevil (2003) AKA not the good one

daredevil-2003-poster-eoh2aTopo and Shuann review the 2003’s Daredevil,the movie without a point





MoleHole Radio Fan request review ! Sleepaway Camp







thanks to a very awesome listener Topo and Shaunn Watched Sleepaway camp

hear what they had to say


they both have penises

need to watch the movie ?



MoleHole podcast 4-2-15: Prophecies of NOPE!





this week on the show Topo revels a dark secret about a hidden love …

also in the show

  • April Fools needs to go
  • the book of Revelationsand how it can help you in your life
  • Kevin Smith sucks
  • Justin Bieber is a good guy,don’t judge

and much much much more

follow a future guest on the show




MoleHole Radio proudly presents Unicorn Butt Cops Beach Patrol by Chuck Tingle




El Topo reads one of the many of Chuck Tingles magically Novellas


for More of Mr.Tingle’s work

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