The Obscured Shelf Episode 1 : Tetsuo the ironman


go to the back of the Video Store with your host El topo as he discusses the 1989 gritty cyperpunk fever dream that is Shinya Tsukamoto’s Tetsuo the Iron man

Music* Nine inch nails* – the becoming

Wanna watch the movie right now ? here’s a youtube link

Mr.Fixits Episode 5: The Blow off

The Fifth anniversary spectacular!
The boys deliver another plus-sized episode. Topics broached include:
“We’re not going to talk about movies” a new segment where we do exactly the opposite of that, for about half an hour.
Why are atheists so obnoxious?
The protein content of broccoli
What the fuck are men’s rights?
Obama acting like Teddy Roosevelt
The rule of thirds
Black metal, not Black metal
Upcoming crossover spectacular!6a0133f2f53db3970b014e899d7eb7970d-320wi

The Critical Jerk With El Topo Episode 3 :Family Titty Counseling

model-large.-with-logojpgthis week we deal with the taught drama of a family being torn asunder By the Primal urges of a man they call Clover !

also somehow I cut off the first 5 seconds of the show ..oops

Mr Fixits Episode 4: Criticism

eye of the tiger?
Mr Fixits Episode 4: Criticism
The boys deliver a Giant-Sized episode. Topics include:
Spike Lee vs Guy Fieri: who do you hate more?
“It’s like Die Hard in space”
Brutal foreign movies
South Korea is a genre
Rotten Tomatoes
Tom Waits poems about restaurants
Does innovative mean good?
Tim and Eric world

The Critical Jerk with El Topo Episode 2 : Pounding the skin

0056-w-logothis week we dive in to the subversive sub culture of tattooing in only the way Brazzers can !