The Obscured Shelf Episode 3 :Sukiyaki western Django

this time on the obscured shelf Topo talks about Takashi Miike’s strange homage to Spaghetti westerns, Sukiyaki western Django

Sukiyaki Western Django poster 02


Mr.Fixits special edition : The Spirit Commentary track

this week a little something different from the Fixit boys, a commentary track for Frank Miller’s Will Eisner’s The Spirit.Watching the movie with us is optional if you need a copy of the film go to your nearest 7/11 most likely they’re selling it for less than 5 dollars american

Listen as two people experience a horrible revelation in real time.



The Critical Jerk with El Topo episode 5:Hardcore Gamer Chick

Girls in gaming has been a hot button issue burning through social media like a hot knife through butter.It takes the visionary minds at Brazzers and the Razor sharp wit of El topo to look at this issue maturely.

this week on the Critical Jerk : Hardcore gamer chick


MoleHole podcast 3-10-15: Hate Noah & hate hate


El topo is back with an new Episode of the Original Molehole podcast. Back to Basics like Classic Molehole episode Topo bring back the Hate Segment because we know you ravenous monsters want more Topo hate to cram in your cramhole.

also in the this episode

  • a update on Topo’s life
  • hatin’ on hating celebrities
  • Reviews of the films Noah and the Guest
  • review the Criterion Collection Erasherhead bluray
  • Marvel movies Vs DC movies

and so much much more chills,thrills and spills !…also Topo yells at his cat making noise for 2 minutes

make sure to Check out the Instant screaming podcast !

also the intro/outro music is from The Guest soundtrack

Annie – Anthonio


Mr.Fixits Episode 7: HOWISTHATGAY?

“Dakota” with four “k’s”
Shaunn’s Discovery Channel pitch
How is that gay?
Grindr for straight people
Kidnapping Patricia Arquette
Ron Jeremy’s hero narrative
David Cronnenberg: Potato Fetishist
Frank Hebert’s son sucks
Overseas racism
Female lead roles
Recording a show in a junkyard
John Legend’s questionable math
Pants for the children of Desert Storm veterans
Batman V Superman: Dawn of ugh
a-history-of-violence-dinnerINTRO/OUTTRO MUSIC ”

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