The Critical Jerk with El Topo episode 1. X-mas Sweater party


Welcome to the introductory episode of a new podcast here on the Mole hole Radio network, The Critical jerk with El Topo. In this show Topo will break down some of Most exciting and thematically thought provoking porn scenes ,Finally someone has came along and given people the insightful critiques of erotica that you yearn for. The Scene he discusses this month is a rousing tale of intrigue and description entitled X-mas sweater party



Mr.Fixits EPISODE 3 : the interview,the world,the problem


in this this episode the boys talk about the cultural malstrom that is the Rogen/Franco film the interview.Also discussed the how a artist in this day and age is to sell their work and a dusting of porno discussion

*eiditor’s note the very end of the show got cut off hence the sudden ending *


Episode 2014-12-18: To be so pretty



so this Week El topo talks about the insanity that’s going around the Film the interview,how inane and dreadful company outings are, a more fun with okcupid, a little bit of the year in disappointment for video games and finally what it’s like to be so damn handsome 

music – M.I.A “bring the noize”



in the second exciting installment of the show the boys talk the age old question of Art Vs. content, is there any art left when we are literally packed to the gills with media ?

also old porno VHS tape boxes ..what was up with that ?

Music Cold blood by Kixx

episode:12-11-14 DANCE = SEX

in this episode El topo continues rambles on about Drake ! and something about lady gaga

a little about online dating,art

all kinds of amazing topics and insites amazing insites in fact that you can only get from the mind a smelly dweeb




Music is Jamba by Tyler the Creator