Episode 2012-04-24: Me And JAYZ Made A Movie

This episode was created on 04/24. Similar to our 4/20 episode, we’re the best thing ever. … EVER.

Episode 2012-04-20: All Your Money

Originally recorded on 04/20, this episode is now brought to you by the laziest and yet still most under paid podcast producer in the industry; Vinny.


Episode 04-10-2012: Potent Potables

Welcome back to the greatest podcast in the universe. Everything you have ever experienced in your life up until this moment will pale in comparison to the life changing epiphany you are about to have. You’re welcome.

New Track: Thedaego – Borrowed Time

Please don’t listen to me on tiny speakers.

The Knight Rider

Bourbon and a home recording rig. You’re welcome.

The Knight Riders