Episode 03-27-2012: Huge & Juicy

amplification hole
Vinny's makeshift phone stand

The gang discusses the definition of puns/paronomasia, malapropisms and  homophonic, homographic, metonymic, or metaphorical language. Riveting … seriously. For all of our non-english major listeners we also discuss:

  • Goggs’ Gaming console algebra
  • Home-made Samsung Galaxy Note stands – order one now for only $300!!
  • Washington D.C. ticketing
  • ANTS – fuck ants.
  • Trayvon Martin and media sensationalism
    • Castle Doctrine vs. “Stand Your Ground”
  • TJ’s rant on “The Hunger Games”
  • Internet conversations and why everyone else is wrong.
  • Does this picture imply rape?
  • Biggest dissapointments
  • Itchy asshole … again.
  • BREAD … no, I don’t know why. Stop judging us.




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