5-19-10 Episode : can I help u ?

El Topo runs solo and talks about the horrors of customer service

5 thoughts on “5-19-10 Episode : can I help u ?

  1. After finding the game at Wal-Mart, you should have drove back to the game stop, walk in the store, hold up the game, announce loud enough for every one to hear how many copies that they still have of the game available at Wal-Mart, and flip the Gamestop clerk the bird.

  2. “Racial Amnesty”… Wow. Maybe some things should be left alone. With the risk of sounding to PC I think this may be a segment the show could do without. I’m all for calling people out on being stupid or rude I’m even fine with pointing out a stereotype if it applies in a specific circumstance. A show like Southpark is riddled with racist comments and is full of irony and it works. You know why? Because Cartman never called “racial amnesty.”

    Calling “racial amnesty” seems a lot like saying “I’m not racist but…(horrible racist comment)”. I’m fine with being honest (which I think the show does very well, and is the main reason I listen) and I know we all have certain prejudices wether they’re based on race, religion or what have you. I certainly think we should be able to express our own prejudices with out having to hide from what others will think of us especially if it can be used for humor. But “racial amnesty”… really? If you can’t make a comment with out having some sort of false “I’m not really racist” tag line what’s the point.

    I’m probably thinking to far ahead but what would a “racial amnesty” segment of the show consist of? People calling in and saying racist comments? Is that what this show is coming down to? A bad episode of Jerry Springer! Is that even funny? It certainly isn’t original. “I saw a mexican being lazy” wow good stuff. “I was almost run off the road by an asian” even better. Something tells me the Home Depot story could have went something like this…”A big black man stared me down and it scared the shit out of me.” is that comment racist? Yes. Is it true? Yes. Can it be funny? Hell yes. Do we need the “racial amnesty” tag on it? Nope.

    Either be true to yourself (and the listeners) make the statement knowing you have prejudices or don’t make them at all. Just don’t act like it’s something else just because you put a stupid “racial amnesty” tag over it. That’s just tacky and a bit cowardly.

  3. I kind of have to agree with anthpeluso.

    The only way some thing like “racial amnesty” can work is if you a representative of that race/ethnicity/stereotype on the show or at least on the show on a regular basis (Stern having Robin on the show). If not, you can’t really give your self racial amnesty. The best you can do is ask the listeners to grant you racial amnesty. Though the answer more often than not will be no. You’re actually better off just making the comment without the disclaimer or pointing it out instead with the comedic exclamation that Goggs used in last week’s show (Racism! we’re cutting edge 1940’s).

    I don’t even think your comments on tonight’s show really needed tag any way.

    Also if used to much, the term racial amnesty will just become the introduction the the racist segments.

    I have an opposite problem from you. I have a very diverse friends and racially mixed family. There is a level of comfort and joking that is ok with close friends and family. Topics about race or doing an impression of Edie Murphy or Chris Rock is fine around them. Some times when I say or do the same things around people that don’t know me that well will get me accused of being a racist, Especially when there are only white people in the room. I need some sleep so more on that later.

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