MoleHole podcast 3-23-15: It’s personal Howard Stern!


this week on the show We have a new Segment called “It’s personal” what hilarious horrors will or host unearth on the show ?

also this week

  • Howard Stern is right podcasts are dumb
  • webcams
  • nudes for Garfield
  • 2 movie reviews Starry eyes and It Follows
  • and of course much much more !

make sure to check out the F this movie podcast

intro/outro music this week M.A.A.D city by Kendric Lamar



Mr.Fixits episode 8 : Cheery Optimist Lynch

this week ┬áthe Boys talk David Lynch and Eraserhead. Also a preview of the upcoming Dune Blu ray commentary track there’s more too,it’s a veritable cornucopia of entertainment and fun

plus all the Fellini talk that you yearn for




The Obscured Shelf Episode 3 :Sukiyaki western Django

this time on the obscured shelf Topo talks about Takashi Miike’s strange homage to Spaghetti westerns, Sukiyaki western Django

Sukiyaki Western Django poster 02


Mr.Fixits special edition : The Spirit Commentary track

this week a little something different from the Fixit boys, a commentary track for Frank Miller’s Will Eisner’s The Spirit.Watching the movie with us is optional if you need a copy of the film go to your nearest 7/11 most likely they’re selling it for less than 5 dollars american

Listen as two people experience a horrible revelation in real time.



The Critical Jerk with El Topo episode 5:Hardcore Gamer Chick

Girls in gaming has been a hot button issue burning through social media like a hot knife through butter.It takes the visionary minds at Brazzers and the Razor sharp wit of El topo to look at this issue maturely.

this week on the Critical Jerk : Hardcore gamer chick