Mr.Fixits Episode 7: HOWISTHATGAY?

“Dakota” with four “k’s”
Shaunn’s Discovery Channel pitch
How is that gay?
Grindr for straight people
Kidnapping Patricia Arquette
Ron Jeremy’s hero narrative
David Cronnenberg: Potato Fetishist
Frank Hebert’s son sucks
Overseas racism
Female lead roles
Recording a show in a junkyard
John Legend’s questionable math
Pants for the children of Desert Storm veterans
Batman V Superman: Dawn of ugh
a-history-of-violence-dinnerINTRO/OUTTRO MUSIC ”

Star One (Ayreon) РSandrider 


The Critical Jerk With El Topo Episode 4 :The Perverted Dentist

Join your host El topo in the the Porn Scene the ADA and the Cavity creeps don’t want you to see ! plus fan emails !
Zo my God



The Obscured Shelf Episode 2 : Tokyo Fist



in this episode Topo contiunes his discussion on Shinya Tsukamoto with his 1995 film Tokyo fist

*please excuses the strange audio hiccup in the first minute,not sure what happened there


wanna watch the film ? it’s right here


Mr. Fixits Episode 6 :throbbing, meaty new format!

The Boys are back with a throbbing, meaty new format!


Horror movie culture

Breaking the Bubble
VHS: The format no one loves
Aggressive Cigarette Executives
Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan
William Gibson
Prometheus (sorry)

The Obscured Shelf Episode 1 : Tetsuo the ironman


go to the back of the Video Store with your host El topo as he discusses the 1989 gritty cyperpunk fever dream that is Shinya Tsukamoto’s Tetsuo the Iron man

Music* Nine inch nails* – the becoming

Wanna watch the movie right now ? here’s a youtube link