Episode 2012-08-21: Chalupus

The gang talks about everything and nothing within a vacuum of time and space. This episode is truly … prolific?


Episode 2012-07-20: Right On Time

Three days later … that’s practically ‘real time’ in the world of I’M NOT GETTING PAID FOR THIS. Listen up, sheeple.

Episode 2012-06-29: Three Weeks Later …

It took my lazy ass over three weeks to finally post this show. If you think I’m about to write up a pretty little summary, you’re out of your fucking mind. Here it is. Shut up and listen.

I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean it; I love you. Lets never fight again.

Episode 2012-06-22: Long Blonde Hair

aannndddd we’re back!

Videos from podcast:

Episode 2012-05-08: Dangerously Gay

The gang is back … on time for once. Enjoy.
  • Movies
    • Avengers
    • The new Dark Knight
  • Xbox Live Asshats
  • Facebook status updates.
  • Facebook timeline … WTF
  • BlackList as a racist word.
  • Female teachers who bang their students
  • Guess how many times Topo played the skin flute in 6 hours …
  • “Toothpasting” – Topo’s Titties are minty fresh
  • Goggs does GEICO FANFIC!! You guys love it; I fucking hate it!